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Michele Zimmerman

Author & Editor

Michele Zimmerman photographed by Michael Kushner

Photo: ©2023 by Michael Kushner

About Michele

Michele Zimmerman (she/her) is a Queer writer with a BA and an MFA in fiction from Sarah Lawrence College. Her work appears in Catapult’s TINY NIGHTMARES: VERY SHORT TALES OF HORROR, POST ROAD, SUPERFROOT, and others. She is a winner of the FRACTURED LITERARY Anthology II Contest and the BLOOD ORANGE REVIEW 2021 Literary Contest. In the past she has been a SUNDRESS PUBLICATIONS Best of the Net nominee & a two-time finalist for the GLIMMER TRAIN Short Story Award for New Writers. By day, she edits and writes for a magazine about illumination and design.  

Published [12/15/2022]

Write down your goals for tomorrow. Write down your goals on a small pocket-sized notepad so that you can take it with you. Don’t make these goals for tomorrow a “to-do” list. Don’t do this because some of the things you’re bound to include in your goals (like “shower”) are never included in other people’s “to-do” lists. “Goals” because that feels softer, more forgiving. Write down your goals and then place the pocket-sized notepad on your bedside table.


When you wake up in the morning, reach over, pick it up, and let it be the first thing you see. Pick up your novel, leaf through a couple of pages while you sip coffee. Savor the few moments you have before the day starts, before you have to start meeting your goals. 


Welcome the cat onto your lap, pet the cat underneath the chin. Pet the cat on the top of the head. Do not, under any circumstances, pet the cat on the ears. ...

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"Poor strangers, they have so much to be afraid of."

Shirley Jackson

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