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Published Fiction

"Ice Water"

Shortlisted for Fractured Lit's
2023 Micro Challenge
LEON: Literary Review, Issue 22
Querencia Press 
"Not Ghosts, But Spirits" Vol. II
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Fractured Literary
Winner of the Anthology II Contest, judged by Deesha Philyaw
in Catapult's Tiny Nightmares
​edited by Lincoln Michel and Nadxieli Nieto

Collection nominated for a Shirley Jackson Award 
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Blood Orange Review
Winner of the 2021 Literary Contest,
judged by Vi Khi Nao
Post Road
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Nominated for Sundress Publications
Best of the Net 2018
Included in the Halloween Pop-up Issue,
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Postcard Poems and Prose
A previous version of this story was a
Top-25 Finalist in the Glimmer Train Short
Story Award for New Writers
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The Westchester Review, Volume 8
   Top-25 Finalist in the Glimmer Train
Short Story Award for New Writers

Received an Honorable Mention for the
2012 Nancy Lynn Schwartz Prize for Fiction Writing


Lockjaw Magazine
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Sugar Mule, Issue 48

Published Non-Fiction

Published Non-Fiction can be found at
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